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Music Video Ideas: Brainstorming

To explore different music video ideas, or especially if you're in a creative rut, try this simple brainstorming exercise:

How to Brainstorm

Look at each list, starting with #1 at right, the Big Concept(s), and pick one or more characteristics that you would want for your music video.

Move on to Moods and Genres. What do you want your video to feel like? What will it look like? The song itself will have a certain feel to it, but you might want to try a music video with a completely different mood.

1. Big Concept(s):

2. Moods

3. Genres

Once you have a "Big Concept," a mood or two, and some genres to explore, move on to the next lists, picking one or more items from each list. Pick some really unlikely combinations, or even pick them at random. (What about Live Performance, Stormy, Art Deco, Jungle....) The more unrelated they are to your song and to each other, the more your creative juices will get flowing.

4. Settings (Yes, it's a very long list, but just scan it quickly and see what jumps out at you.)

You may have all you need at this point for your music video idea, but if want to throw a few more things into the mix, here are some more lists to consider:

5. Actions

6. Techniques, Effects

7. Floating/Flying Things

8. Even More Categories

Stop, or Start Over

If you've made it this far, you should have come up with a few new ideas for you music video that you hadn't considered before.

Of course, after playing around with one combination of moods, genres, actions, etc., if it's not working, go through the lists again and try something different.

The great thing about planning before you start shooting your music video is that you can play with lots of different combinations quickly until you find something that you think will work.

At this point, you should have some great ideas for your music video. If you go to (or return to) Music Video Planning, you'll have what you need to write up a good Music Video Treatment (Music Video Planning, Pre-Production, step a.)

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